A lot of people joke about OCD, usually innocently, when laughing about something they do or something they’ve done. I really have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). A psychologist diagnosed me with it four or five years ago, though I’ve suspected it for a long time. (I was going to a psychologist in the pain clinic to help me deal with chronic pain.) I don’t have OCD as bad as some people. I don’t have to do things for a certain number of times before I’m content. I don’t wash my hands hundreds of times during the day. Mine is more in the form of needing to have control over things, and when I don’t, I get stressed.

I used to joke about having OCD when I did things that others laughed at. One thing that comes to mind is that I don’t like it when anyone reads the newspaper or my magazines before I do. People laugh and say things like, “Why can’t anyone read the paper before you? Are the words gonna fall off the pages?” I know it’s irrational, but I have to read the paper first. When I finish with it, I keep it in order, page by page, and fold it up nicely so it looks like it hasn’t been read yet. If anyone does read the paper before I do, it makes me crazy when they mix up the pages and sections and leave it in a messy pile. When I get magazines delivered in the mail, I hide them until I’ve read them.

One thing I do every single day when I wake up, is plan everything in my head that I’m going to do that day. Most of the time it isn’t much of anything, but it’s still what I’ve planned to do. If someone calls me to ask if I want to do something, I have a hard time being flexible and doing what they’ve asked. I tend to put it off until another day, because it wasn’t pre-planned. It is possible for me to be spontaneous and do something without planning, but it must be something I really like to do.

Shelves in my closet where I keep medical and personal hygiene supplies.

My clothes are hung up by color in my closet. I am very organized and keep everything in its place. I always know where things are when I need them. When I shop, I buy several of each item, so that when I run out of something, I have more on hand. When I get to the second to the last one of any item, I buy more.

My husband drives me crazy sometimes, because he isn’t organized at all. He puts things in places they don’t belong. If I complain, because he has a stack of papers on his dresser, he cleans them off. Later, when I open a drawer for something, I find the papers thrown in there. Instead of putting them away or in the office so I can file them, he hides them to shut me up. There are times when he needs a copy of a document for something and can’t find it, because he doesn’t put anything away. We have files for all of our documents, and if he would just put the paperwork in the office, I would file it in the appropriate folders where he could quickly find whatever he needs. It seems so simple to me.

My mom, stepdad, and brother live with me and my husband. That’s a WHOLE ‘nother blog. Heck, it will most likely be several blogs. We also have five dogs in the house, four of which are small, hyper, barking dogs, who sometimes drive me crazy in their own special ways. I feel like I don’t have control over much of anything, and I get stressed out a lot. I’m working on being more patient, because it’s not good for me to stress out over everything. I’m trying to exercise more, pray, and just not let things bother me so much, but sometimes it’s not easy. I’m sure it’s not easy for people to live with me, either.

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