Finding the Right Tweezers

Blogging about tweezers seems like an odd thing to write about, but maybe there are others out there who use tweezers just about every day, like I do, and would love to have a good pair. Over the years I have bought many tweezers. I usually just pick up whatever they have on display at the store. Usually there isn’t much to choose from, just your basic straight or slanted tweezers, or the ones that look like scissors, which I’ve never been comfortable using.

Have you ever bought a new pair of tweezers and when you try to use them they don’t work very well? I don’t even know why that is, because you would think tweezers are tweezers, right? Wrong! Buying cheap tweezers is a hit and miss experience. Some work alright, others, not so much.

Tweezers by Tweezerman

One day, while getting a facial, my esthetician told me about some really good tweezers by Tweezerman. The next time I went to the store, I picked up two pairs of Tweezerman tweezers: one slanted tip and one pointed tip. You know what? I love them! They are the best tweezers I’ve ever used! They are a little pricey, but so worth it! I went back and bought two smaller sizes of the tweezers to carry in my purse. I will never buy those cheap pairs of tweezers at the store again.

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