Makeup Remover Tip

I don’t know about you, but every time I apply mascara, I get some on my eyelids. Sometimes I get a little bit of mascara underneath my eyes, too. Ugh! When I use eyeliner afterwards, it’s not that bad, because the eyeliner covers it up. However, most days I don’t use eyeliner, so I have to clean it up.

Makeup remover and sponges

I used to use a wet Q-Tip to get the mascara off of my skin, but sometimes, I would end up with a tiny fiber from the Q-Tip in my eye! Trying to get something out of your eye without ruining your makeup is frustrating and sometimes painful. After using Q-Tips to remove makeup for years, I started using makeup sponges! You know, the kind you use to apply eye shadow. I dip it in the liquid makeup remover and gently rub off the excess mascara on my skin. I no longer have a problem with those little cotton fibers sticking to my eyelashes or getting in my eyes. The makeup sponges are PERFECT for removing small areas of makeup.

I buy a bottle of makeup remover and I only use a small amount on the makeup sponges, so it lasts a very long time. The makeup remover works much better and easier than using soap and water, at least for me. You can get the makeup sponges just about anywhere that sells makeup, but I order mine online and buy them in bulk.

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