Prediabetes. Now what?

Image by Peter Stanic from Pixabay

I recently found out that I am prediabetic. A few months ago, my A1C was at 5.9, just over the low number for prediabetes. I changed my diet and six weeks later, my A1C was at 5.1. Even though my A1C level had already dropped, my doctor recommended I join a Diabetes Prevention class, so I did.

The Diabetes Prevention class is held one evening a week, FOR A YEAR! Whoa! That’s a huge commitment. But, okay, I signed up to see how it goes.

I’ve attended six classes so far. Some of the classes are held at the gym, where I am encouraged to exercise and increase my activity. Other classes are held at the Diabetes Treatment Center, where the focus is on healthy eating. A certified nutritionist talks about food choices and shows us how to cook and prepare healthy foods.

In the beginning, we were all weighed and measured. We also did blood work to check our A1C levels. We are weighed before every class, but only have to do blood work every three months. I am required to lose five percent of my weight within six months, then another five percent in the second six months. That doesn’t sound like it should be too hard.

The classes started out very slow and boring. So boring, that I was tempted to stop attending. There are a lot of handouts that could have been written by a 10-year-old. The speaker asked us questions like he was speaking to children. Not only was I bored, but with the back issues I have, it’s painful to sit in the hard chairs for an hour. Finally, during the 4th class, I learned something. That’s when I decided that I would keep attending the classes.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

I’ve learned that being active is VERY important for preventing diabetes. It helps with how your body produces and uses insulin. These classes really stress exercise. They want us to exercise 150 minutes a week, and to track it. For someone who has been pretty sedentary for the past four or five years, it’s been a challenge. For me, it’s easier to break it down to ten minutes, three times a day, for five days a week. I’ll admit that I don’t always meet my goals, but I’m working on it.

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

The other thing these classes focus on is weight loss. I’ve learned that I need to eat more fiber, less processed foods, and cut refined sugar. This is another big adjustment for me. I crave sweets and don’t eat healthy, because most of the time, my chronic pain prevents me from standing in the kitchen long enough to cook. Most of the time I eat something quick and easy or food that is brought in. I eat what I want, which usually isn’t healthy food. I have some very bad habits, but I’m working on clean eating now.

Image by marijana1 from Pixabay

I know how important it is for me to eat healthier, so I looked into several meal delivery services. The main problem I’ve come across, is finding food that is safe for my food allergies. I decided to try BistroMD, because they have several selections that are safe for me to eat, meaning that they don’t contain any ingredients I’m allergic to. Unfortunately, their snack selections almost ALL contain nuts or pea fiber. I’m allergic to nuts and peas. I can’t tell you if the service works for me or how the food tastes yet, because my first shipment comes in this week. I’m excited to try it, though, and after I do, I’ll write about it. If I don’t like it, I will try another one.

Right now, using a meal delivery service is my best bet for getting on track. Maybe when I lose weight and feel better, I’ll be able to transition to cooking food myself. The most important thing I have to do is stay with it and not give up! I certainly don’t want to add Type 2 Diabetes to my list of health issues. Who knows? Maybe eating better and losing weight will alleviate some of the other symptoms I suffer from. I can do this!

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