Stuff Happens.

What a week, and it’s only Tuesday! Hopefully these are the worst two days of this week. It’s not that critical, but it seems like everything happens at once.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Sunday, we heard strange noises coming from the water heater. My husband checked it out and there was a leak. Great. We didn’t want to pay an emergency fee, so we scheduled someone to come out on Monday to fix it.

The plumber we called was supposed to come fix the water heater yesterday, but called to tell us he had to push our repair out a day or two. Meanwhile, the water heater was dripping faster and I was worried we would have to turn the water off, which I did not want to do. I told my husband to call someone else, so he found another plumber who could fix it today.

Yesterday, the door on our front-load washing machine locked up and would not open. We tried everything: turned it off and on, unplugged it, ran the cycle again, and nothing worked. Yay, another repair! I started calling around for an appliance repair company. I must have called eight places before I found someone who could come out the same day.

Image by taraghb from Pixabay

The appliance repair guys showed up two hours early, which was awesome, because that never happens! So far, so good! They were able to get the washer door open, but as soon as it was closed, it locked again. After checking everything out, the guy tells me that the motherboard is broken and the parts to our washer aren’t available anymore. (The washer is about 13 years old. It belonged to my grandma and I’ll tell you why it ended up at my house in another blog.) He recommended we buy a new washer. We knew it was only a matter of time until that happened, so I wasn’t surprised.

Today, the plumber showed up to fix the water heater. He stopped the leak, but guess what? We need a new water heater! Our water heater is about 14 years old, so it’s about time for it to break. We bought our house about four-and-a-half years ago and the lovely water heater came with it. Since the leak was fixed, we’ll try to hold on to the water heater a little while and focus on getting a washer. After all, the washer door is broken, there’s a short, and it could catch on fire!

I’ve been looking online for good deals on a washer and dryer set. Fortunately, some stores already have 4th of July sales going on. I just need to get a washer soon, because we’re going away this weekend and I will want to do laundry as soon as we get home. I only wish things would take turns to break and not do it at the same time. Isn’t that the way it always seems to go? At least once we get the new stuff, we won’t have to worry about them for at least another ten years!

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