Inflammation and Fibromyalgia

I keep hearing people with fibromyalgia ask about problems with their teeth and gums. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else?

The answer is yes.

I’ve always taken good care of my teeth. I floss every day. I have always had easy dental checkups with no problems. My teeth cleanings are usually quick and the dentist has always said I’m doing a good job.

At my last dental cleaning, the dentist mentioned that my gums had a problem, one that is caused by inflammation. I didn’t worry about it too much, because I take care of my teeth and have no pain or bleeding. The dentist referred me to an Integrated Medicine Doctor.

Image by Noupload from Pixabay

I went to see the Integrated Medicine Doctor, who sent me to the lab for several blood tests. When the results came back, the doctor said that my inflammation marker was very high. It should be between 1 and 2, but it was at 8!

Inflammation is almost always present in a person with fibromyalgia. Changing your diet by eliminating foods that cause inflammation can help.

Sugar is one of the worst things you can eat for inflammation. So is junk food. The best thing you can do to reduce inflammation in your body is to eat clean food. No processed food, junk food, soda, sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

I’ve changed my diet and eliminated sugar and processed foods. I eat organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, and free range chicken as much as possible. I eat mostly fish and poultry and very little red meat.

Image by suju from Pixabay

In a couple of months I’ll have more blood tests done to check my inflammation marker, but do you know what? My gums are already better.

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