The Big Water Fight

I have a lot of fun memories from when I was growing up and recently one came to mind that I’d like to share.

I grew up in a small house, in a small town, before cell phones and internet. When I was a teenager, the closest things we had to video games were Pong and hand-held electronic games, but most of the time, we played outside or hung out with friends.

One day, my brothers and I were running back and forth from the front yard to the backyard, cutting through the house, while having a squirt gun fight. Of course, we were shooting water at each other as we ran through the house.

My dad was in the living room and my mom was washing dishes in the kitchen. My dad grabbed a cup, filled it with water, and threw water at us while we ran through the house.

Then my dad thought it would be funny to throw a cup of water at my mom while she was washing dishes. My mom grabbed a pan, filled it with water, chased my dad and threw the pan of water at him.

The water fight continued for a few minutes. My brothers and I with squirt guns and my parents with dishes full of water, while everyone got wet.

My dad then ran outside, grabbed the hose, turned it on, and brought it IN THE HOUSE! He won the water fight. Water was EVERYWHERE!

Needless to say, we had quite a cleanup to do and the carpet was soaking wet. We cleaned it up and the carpet dried, but we had so much fun!

I will never forget our huge water fight that day; it’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

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