Dry Eye and Headaches

I learned something the other day that I wish I’d known a lot sooner. I have dry eyes.

I didn’t know that I had dry eyes, because my eyes don’t bother me. The only reason I found this out, is because I also have Optic Disc Drusen, which causes calcium in the optic disc. I didn’t know I had Optic Disc Drusen until several years ago, when my son was diagnosed with it and the ophthalmologist said that Drusen is a genetic disease. The doctor checked my eyes and said that it came from me.

My Drusen was dormant until a couple of years ago. It isn’t as severe as my son’s. The only symptom I have is seeing flashing strings of lights in my peripheral vision at night.

Now that my Drusen is active, my optometrist referred me to a neurologist/ophthalmologist for several extensive tests. Yes, the doctor saw that I have Optic Disc Drusen, but he also said that I have dry eyes. The doctor said that most people who have dry eyes don’t know it, because they don’t feel any symptoms.

The doctor told me to use artificial tear drops 3 to 5 times a day. He said it isn’t good for my eyes to be dry, and the dryness causes headaches. I have suffered from chronic headaches for twenty-plus years.

The doctor was right. The artificial tear drops have helped my headaches! I can’t believe that I’ve been suffering from headaches for so long without knowing eye drops would help.

I never would have found out that I had dry eyes if the optometrist had not referred me to the specialist for tests, and I wouldn’t have been referred to the specialist, had I not been diagnosed with Optic Disc Drusen.

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