The Power of Prayer

Christian Cross

Prayer works. I’ve had a lot of prayers answered, but I’m going to specifically share two stories of answered prayers involving my family. First, when my daughter was 19 years old, she had a tonsillectomy that led to a huge medical scare. When her surgery was finished, the surgeon came to tell me that he had a hard time closing her sutures, but that everything else went well. I took my daughter home to recover.

A couple of days later, her throat started bleeding. I took her to the ER and they called the surgeon in. He performed a second surgery to close her sutures again, and said that she was the worst case he’d ever had. He released her to come home, but this time, he said he wanted her to stay down and only get up to use the bathroom. He was afraid her sutures would pop open again if she did anything too strenuous.

Over the next week or so, my daughter complained off and on of having trouble breathing and sharp chest pains. Overall, I took her to the ER and Urgent Care twice each, to have it checked out. We kept being told that she was having anxiety and they gave her medicine to relax her. During this time, her throat started to bleed again, but the doctors were able to stop it with ice cold water. Finally one day my daughter was panicking and saying, “I can’t breathe!” I took her back to Urgent Care and fortunately, this time there was a doctor on call who knew to do a blood test to look for blood clots. It came back positive. After more tests, they found that she had pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) in both lungs! It was a miracle she had not died! They had her transported to the hospital by ambulance.

My daughter was admitted and for the next week, she was given blood thinners to get rid of the blood clots. She was still healing from the two tonsillectomies and was unable to eat. Three days after being admitted to the hospital, my daughter’s sutures popped again and she started bleeding. After bleeding all day, her surgeon came in to see her. By now she was weak and very white; she looked like she was on her death bed. The surgeon said that he had to do a third surgery to close sutures again. He had my daughter’s blood count checked, because she had bled all day. Her blood count was too low, so he said he couldn’t perform surgery on her until she had a blood transfusion. While my daughter was getting a blood transfusion, I was signing papers. The doctor told me that my daughter might not make it through surgery, but they had to stop the bleeding. I signed the papers and the surgeon left to prepare for surgery.

Meanwhile, my mom came in to visit. I went into the bathroom and broke down, because I didn’t want my daughter to see me cry. My mom prayed over my daughter. I walked out of the bathroom and my mom looked up and said, “God said there isn’t going to be a surgery.” Within five minutes, my daughter stopped bleeding, just like that, after having bled for about ten hours. She did not have that third surgery, and she never bled again.

Over the next week and a half, my daughter continued to take blood thinners orally and through injections in her stomach, until the blood clots were gone. She was finally discharged from the hospital. For a while, my daughter suffered from PTSD, because she had a fear of dying. She’s doing great now and is married with four children.

The second answered prayer I mentioned, happened when my son and his wife were expecting their first child. While pregnant, the doctors found that my unborn grandson was having heart problems. The doctors did not give my son and his wife any hope. In fact, they advised them to abort the baby. My son and his wife could never do that! They were going to have the baby no matter what, even if it meant that the baby would not survive. With a lot of faith and prayers, my grandson was born. I am happy to say that he is five-years-old now and he is healthy. He still has some minor issues with his heart from time to time, but he is happy and loved. He is truly a miracle baby who has blessed our family immensely. God is so good!

Social Media

Is social media a positive or negative in your life? A lot of people use social media for all the wrong reasons. It started out as a way to connect with friends and family, and maybe meet some new friends, but for some people, it has turned into a way to tear people down. Why are people so negative to complete strangers? Why do people feel that they have a right to criticize and judge people they don’t know, sometimes for no other reason than the other person having a different opinion on something? I believe the reason is because they feel brave and unreachable on a phone or computer screen. I’ve seen people get downright ugly when others have different political views than they do. It’s sad that people behave in such ugly ways. We should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Believe it or not, it’s perfectly okay to disagree with someone and still be kind.

When looking at pictures posted by reality show cast members, I see that there are a lot of people out there who feel free to post rude and hateful comments to them. Why do that to another person? Would you like someone to treat you or your children that way? If you don’t like someone, don’t follow him or her. If you see a post you don’t like, keep scrolling!

I don’t understand how people feel comfortable posting things that they know are not true. I see it all the time. Don’t they know that I know them personally and I know these are lies? It’s baffling. Just because I know a post isn’t true, doesn’t mean I have to make any negative comments about it to the person who posted it. It doesn’t affect me and I wouldn’t want to make anyone look bad to his or her followers.

Do you feel funny about clicking a “like” button when the post is sad or bad news? I do. When I click the like button, what does that mean? Does it mean that I like that you’re sad or that something bad happened to you? No, but I click “like” anyway, as if to say, “I like that you posted this.” Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this way, but it’s kind of confusing.

Wouldn’t it be great if people were more positive on social media and stopped the negativity, hate, and bullying? Being mean and rude on social media says more about the bully than the person being attacked. We can do better!