Count Your Blessings

Recently I took my dog, Bailey, to the vet for a checkup. She has allergies and the vet wouldn’t extend her prescription without a check up.

Bailey is five years old and I have spent a lot of money on her. She has had four surgeries: she was spayed and both of her back legs had surgery for torn tendons. One leg didn’t heal properly, so she had a second surgery on it.

When she was about six months old, Bailey was stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction to it, so we rushed her to the vet for treatment. She takes allergy medication every day, because she has environmental allergies.

While sitting in the waiting room, I was talking to another dog owner about how expensive Bailey has been. The woman just listened and smiled, but didn’t say much.

The veterinarian’s assistant came into the waiting room and was talking to the same woman I was talking to.

Listening to their conversation, I found out that the woman’s dog has all of the same problems that Bailey has, but has cost the woman thousands of dollars more than Bailey has cost me, because her dog is huge and weighs about 100 pounds.

That dog has also had the surgeries on it’s back legs. That dog also has allergies and takes the same medication that Bailey takes. The difference is that for Bailey, the cost of the medication is about $60 a month, because she only weighs 15 pounds. The cost of the medication for the other dog is $300 every two weeks, because the dog is much bigger.

After the vet’s assistant left, I felt stupid for complaining about my dog costing so much when this woman has spent a lot more money on her dog than I have on mine. I jokingly told the woman, “You win!” We both laughed and the woman told me about some pet insurance that she has that has helped with the costs. I will look into that.

The moral of the story: When you think you are the only one struggling with something, there is always someone struggling with more. Count your blessings!

Odd Incident

A couple of days ago, the strangest thing happened. My dogs were outside and kept sniffing the cover of the pool filter.

The dogs were very interested in the filter, which isn’t “normal.”

My husband and I thought there was probably a dead animal in there, because that’s happened before. We found a dead baby gopher in the filter a while back.

My husband went out to see what was going on, and when he took the lid off of the filter, there was a live bird in there! We think it was a pigeon.

The only picture I have of the bird, because we were too busy trying to save it.

What the heck? How did it get in there? We were so confused.

The bird was alive, because the bird’s head was above the water line. It was big enough that it didn’t get hurt, because there wasn’t enough room for it to flap around in there. So, it just sat there with it’s head above the water.

I have no idea how long the bird was in the filter. My mom, (who lives with me), is very familiar with birds, because she has owned three of them. She got the bird out of the filter and sat it on the grass. The bird was shivering, because the pool water is cold and of course, the bird was soaking wet. I ran and grabbed a towel so my mom could dry the bird off a little.

We blocked the dogs in the house and sat the bird in the sun so it could fully dry off. The bird sat in the sun and slept for a few hours. It was probably a little traumatized.

My mom put some food and water out for the bird and it started walking around.

After walking around for a few minutes, the bird flew off into one of the big trees next door. We were happy that the bird seemed okay and was able to fly.

I don’t know what would have happened if we didn’t have dogs that alerted us to the filter. The bird was quiet and we wouldn’t have found out that the bird was there until cleaning the filter, which may have been too late.

From Black to Bright

Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash

The other day I was looking through my closet for a shirt to wear. I have my clothes hung up in order of colors, from dark to light. It starts with black, to gray, to blue, etc., and ends with white.

As I’m going through the shirts, it dawns on me that I only have one black casual shirt, and for some reason, it made me reflect.

I look for a shirt to wear every single day. I know every shirt that I have hanging up in my closet. There are probably 50 or so shirts in there. I don’t know why today was different. I don’t know why I started thinking about my old wardrobe. I just did.

15 years ago, literally all of my shirts were black, white, or gray, but mostly black. I liked the way black looked on me, plus, everyone said that black is “slimming.”

When I met my husband, he hated that all I wore was black. Slowly but surely, he bought me shirts that were colorful. He especially liked pink. Knowing that he liked to see me in more colorful clothing, I started changing my wardrobe. Now my closet is full of color. I rarely wear black anymore.

It’s funny how things change.

Her Own Person

I have an 11-year-old granddaughter who is very much her own person. By that, I mean that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, she does her own thing, even if it’s not popular.

This girl is super smart, at the top of her class. She’s quiet and reserved. She is beautiful, too. I love how she likes what she likes and does what she wants, without trying to please anyone but herself.

Before school started, my granddaughters (the 11-year-old and her sisters; an older sister who is 14-years-old and a younger sister, age 10) all had very long hair and were talking about getting haircuts. The oldest got her hair cut all the way up to her shoulders. The youngest got a lot of her hair cut off, but not quite all the way to her shoulders. The 11-year-old got barely any hair cut off – just enough to trim the ends. She said she didn’t want to get hers cut, because she likes her hair long. It’s still to her waist.

My younger granddaughter, who will be ten-years-old in a couple of months, is very outgoing, bubbly, and always performing in some way. She likes to sing and make videos, or pretend she’s an actress. She also has a habit of asking people silly questions about what they would do for six billion dollars.

Yes, six billion dollars is the amount she’s chosen for her silly, “Would you do this or that for six billion dollars” question.

Recently, she asked her 11-year-old sister, “Would you cut your hair for six billion dollars?”

After thinking about it for a minute, the 11-year-old replied, “Probably not.”

My daughter and I are still laughing about that one.

My Hyper Fur Babies

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.” -W.R. Purche

My dogs have finally calmed down. The lawn guys just left, so things are quiet.

I have two Maltipoos, one male and one female.

They’re hyper and bark at nothing. I’m sure they hear something, but I don’t. When I look outside the window, there isn’t anything there.

Buster is the worst, because his bark starts off at an annoyingly high pitch. Then Bailey chimes in.

Bailey and Buster

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are when they get the most barking practice. Those days are when the lawn guys and the pool guy service our house. Thursdays is trash day and trash trucks are noisy.

Do you want to know what else they bark at?

Television commercials! The ones where someone goes up to the front door and rings the doorbell. They hear the doorbell and start barking.

I’ve literally tried everything to get them to stop barking, but nothing has worked. They’ll stop when I yell at them, but I can’t get them to stop barking for no reason in the first place. I want them to bark only if someone comes to the door. I think when my dogs bark they’re having a good ol’ time. They love running around while barking.

Bailey is my $6k dog. She is highmaintenance. She is allergic to bees, which we found out the hard way. She’s had surgery on both of her back legs, because her ligaments tore – not at the same time, but about a year-and-a-half apart. The second leg required two surgeries, because the first one didn’t take.

Bailey has allergies and has to take an allergy pill every day. I used to put the pill in a piece of meat, but she’d eat the meat and spit the pill out. Now, I get a small piece of bread, butter both sides, and fold it over the pill. She eats the whole bite every day. It’s simple and there’s no mess. I’ve been giving her an allergy pill in bread and butter for about two years now with no problems.

I think my dogs are trying to drive me crazy, but it’s okay, because they’re my fur babies and I love them.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Memory Lane

Image by Vinson Tan from Pixabay 

Don’t you just love happy memories? My grandmother passed away last August, and slowly but surely, my mom and I have been going through her things to decide what to do with them.

I came across a big plastic container holding several folders, each with the name of her children and grandchildren on them. I opened the folder with my name on it and was surprised to see what was in it.

It contained several notes, cards, letters, and poems that I had written to my grandparents over the years. It also had a few notes that my children had written to them.

Every year, my brothers and I made Christmas lists of the things we wanted for Christmas and gave them to our grandparents. I found some of the Christmas lists and had a good laugh. It’s funny to see what we wanted for Christmas back then.

I saved a handful of things that I found in the folders. I kept some old poems and drawings. I threw away the notes that I wrote telling my grandma I needed more floor cleaner, etc., when I used to clean her house as a teenager. I don’t know why she kept those.

I had no idea my grandma held on to these treasures, but my family and I got a kick out reading them. I only wish I had known about them when my grandma was alive, so we could’ve enjoyed them together.

Just One of Those Weeks

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It’s been one of those weeks. You know, the kind where nothing seems to go the way you want it to. My week started off with with the water heater leaking, then my washer breaking.

The water heater leak was repaired. I bought a new washer and dryer set, but when my husband and my brother were moving them into the laundry room to install them, they put a big scratch in my wood floor. <Sigh.> Oh well. At least I got a pretty good deal on them, thanks to the store starting their 4th of July sale early!

I went and had lunch with my dad and ended up arguing about politics, of all things. It was weird, because we don’t usually talk about politics or anything we disagree on, but somehow it was brought up. It made our visit uncomfortable.

I signed up and was accepted into a study about the benefits of eating avocados. There are two groups: one where you have to eat an avocado every day for six months and one where you can’t have more than two avocados a month for six months. Research has shown that avocados help you lose weight and also helps with cognitive memory. This study is trying to prove those theories.

Image by FoodieFactor from Pixabay

I was excited to participate in the study, because I’d get free avocados every week and get paid at the end of six months. After having an MRI, blood work, and taking a cognitive exam, I went to a meeting to see which group I would be placed in. They use a randomizer that works to keep the two groups as even as possible. Well, I was placed in the control group, which means I can only eat up to two avocados a month. I am so bummed! I really wanted to be in the other group.

Being in the control group means there is less required of me. I only have to do the blood work two more times, and the MRI and cognitive exam again at the end of six months. At the end of the study I will get a box of avocados and a check. I guess it’s not so bad, but it just adds to things not going my way this week.

I need to get away! My husband and I are going away for the weekend to VEGAS! Yay, me! It will be nice to have some fun and come back refreshed! I have to remind myself that it’s just a bad week, not a bad life!

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay