Finding the Right Tweezers

Blogging about tweezers seems like an odd thing to write about, but maybe there are others out there who use tweezers just about every day, like I do, and would love to have a good pair. Over the years I have bought many tweezers. I usually just pick up whatever they have on display at the store. Usually there isn’t much to choose from, just your basic straight or slanted tweezers, or the ones that look like scissors, which I’ve never been comfortable using.

Have you ever bought a new pair of tweezers and when you try to use them they don’t work very well? I don’t even know why that is, because you would think tweezers are tweezers, right? Wrong! Buying cheap tweezers is a hit and miss experience. Some work alright, others, not so much.

Tweezers by Tweezerman

One day, while getting a facial, my esthetician told me about some really good tweezers by Tweezerman. The next time I went to the store, I picked up two pairs of Tweezerman tweezers: one slanted tip and one pointed tip. You know what? I love them! They are the best tweezers I’ve ever used! They are a little pricey, but so worth it! I went back and bought two smaller sizes of the tweezers to carry in my purse. I will never buy those cheap pairs of tweezers at the store again.

Makeup Remover Tip

I don’t know about you, but every time I apply mascara, I get some on my eyelids. Sometimes I get a little bit of mascara underneath my eyes, too. Ugh! When I use eyeliner afterwards, it’s not that bad, because the eyeliner covers it up. However, most days I don’t use eyeliner, so I have to clean it up.

Makeup remover and sponges

I used to use a wet Q-Tip to get the mascara off of my skin, but sometimes, I would end up with a tiny fiber from the Q-Tip in my eye! Trying to get something out of your eye without ruining your makeup is frustrating and sometimes painful. After using Q-Tips to remove makeup for years, I started using makeup sponges! You know, the kind you use to apply eye shadow. I dip it in the liquid makeup remover and gently rub off the excess mascara on my skin. I no longer have a problem with those little cotton fibers sticking to my eyelashes or getting in my eyes. The makeup sponges are PERFECT for removing small areas of makeup.

I buy a bottle of makeup remover and I only use a small amount on the makeup sponges, so it lasts a very long time. The makeup remover works much better and easier than using soap and water, at least for me. You can get the makeup sponges just about anywhere that sells makeup, but I order mine online and buy them in bulk.

Makeup Tip

Photo by Nicole De Khors on Burst

Anyone who knows me will laugh at my posting anything about beauty. I tend to keep it simple and some days I don’t wear any makeup at all, so it will probably shock some people to see me write about beauty and tips. Who knows, maybe someone will have some tips for me! Anyway, this post is to address a new makeup tip that I just learned about. Why am I just finding out about green makeup?

Green makeup is used to hide redness on your face and to help cover up blemishes. Who knew? I had to try it, because I have a mild case of Rosacea. My dermatologist says it’s very mild and hardly noticeable, but when I look at my face, it screams out at me. My skin is very light – pale, even – and I hate seeing any redness. Everyone tells me that they don’t even notice, but I do.

I bought three different types of green makeup to try. The first thing I bought is Becca Cosmetics Anti Fatigue Under Eye Primer. I have darkness under my eyes and read that this primer would help hide the dark circles. Next, I bought Dermablend Quick Fix Color Correcting Powder Pigments in green, and Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Pen in green for redness.

When I used the under eye primer, it hardly showed at all. It mainly left a tint of green under my eyes, which I then used a concealer to cover. It actually did help diminish the darkness under my eyes, but didn’t cover it 100%. I then tried the correcting powder. You just pour some powder on the back of your hand and rub it until it turns creamy. It seemed to do a pretty good job covering the redness, but I didn’t like having the green spot on my hand that didn’t wash off easily, so I haven’t used it again. I have used the correcting pen several times and it does the job. I rub some of the green makeup on the redness, then cover it with foundation. It works at eliminating the look of the redness, but no matter how much foundation I use, I can still see some green tint coming through, which I don’t like. I’m thinking about trying some yellow makeup concealer to see how well it blends to cover redness.

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay 

I also have very dry skin, and it doesn’t take long after I use moisturizer for my skin to be dry again. I have tried several different moisturizers, but none of them last as long as I’d like them to. I recently bought some skin care products from Kannaway that have CBD oil in them. I heard that the CBD oil is really good for skin. I just got it and have only used it once, which isn’t enough time to review. I’ll keep you posted when I decide whether or not I like it.

If you have any suggestions about concealers for redness or moisturizers that work all day, please leave a comment! If you like this post, please share it with your friends!