It’s Christmas Time

Christmas tree with some of the gifts

I don’t know about you, but December is always a busy month for me. Besides shopping and wrapping presents I spend a lot of time with my grandkids doing fun things for Christmas.

We make Christmas countdown candy calendars, decorate the Christmas tree, watch Christmas movies, make gingerbread houses, make truffles, and decorate cookies.

Yesterday I made a batch of truffles for my husband to take to work for a Christmas luncheon today. I ended up making them by myself, because my grandkids were at school. Making the truffles by myself is a lot more work, but I got them done.

I started making truffles for Christmas about eight years ago and I still haven’t figured out how to make them look better. It’s alright, though, because they are delicious!

Christmas Truffles

Speaking of Christmas time, is it just me, or does it seem harder to buy gifts for people that you aren’t close to, but want to do something nice for, like the mailman, doctor, and hair stylist, etc.?

It used to be easy to give someone some candy or a gift card to a restaurant or Starbucks, but now it seems like everyone is following some type of fad diet, so I don’t know what to give people that they will like.

I am happy to say that I am finished with my Christmas shopping, but I still have a pile of things that need wrapping.

Yes, Christmas time can be somewhat hectic, but I just love it!

My Favorite Time of Year

Image by Hans Linde from Pixabay 

Fall, my favorite time of year. The weather is cooler, there is no more Daylight Savings Time, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.

I love getting ready for Christmas! I do almost of all of my gift shopping online, so I get packages delivered almost every day this time of year.

I always put my Christmas tree up on the day after Thanksgiving. I have a very pretty, pre-lit Christmas tree, that looks like a real tree. My daughter and grandkids come over to help decorate it.

I always have the Christmas gifts wrapped and ready, so that when the tree is finished, the kids can put the gifts under the tree. After that, the kids will put their new Christmas pajamas on and we’ll take a few Christmas pictures. I’ve already purchased their new pajamas for this year and they are adorable! We will probably watch a Christmas movie or two, also.

Closer to Christmas, my daughter, my grandkids, and I will bake Christmas cookies and make Oreo truffles. The kids love decorating the cookies! Last year we made gingerbread houses, and that was a lot of fun, too!

Image by 奕茗 王 from Pixabay

As we work on different projects for Christmas, I will post some pictures of the results.

I just love this time of year! It’s a special time of year enjoying family traditions. Spending time with family is the best thing ever!