Sharing Smiles

My daughter has four children and she has done an amazing job raising them to have good manners, be polite, and treat others with respect.

I am very proud of my grankids. Everyone who meets them comments about what good kids they are.

This week, my daughter went to my granddaughters’ school for parent-teacher conferences. Both of the girls’ teachers told my daughter that her daughters are good students who are polite and treat others well.

Image by bknis from Pixabay 

One of the teachers told my daughter that her youngest daughter, age 10, makes her very happy, because she is kind and helpful. She also said that my granddaughter is the only student who thanks her for the things she does (like get pizza for the class) and it makes her feel appreciated.

It makes me happy that not only do I think my granddaughters are pretty special, but other people do, too!

Small Bonds

Isn’t it funny how fashion goes out of style, but then comes around again?

I asked my granddaughters what they want for Christmas, and one of the things they want are new Vans tennis shoes.

When they showed me the shoes they want, I got a kick out of it, because they are EXACTLY like the Vans tennis shoes I wore when I was in high school! I told them that Vans were all I wore when I was a teenager, and they thought that was pretty cool.

It seems weird to me that my young granddaughters like something their grandma used to wear, but it is kind of fun to have that in common.